Parental Involvement

We work in parternserhsip with parents to help children to learn and develop. Your opinions and suggestions are important to us.

Please feel free to speak to our staff or Contact Us to let us know how we can do the best for your child!

Partnership with Parents

It is important that we share information and communicate with each other to establish consistency for your child. When we work hand in hand together, your child knows that we are people whom they can trust.


Beside speaking to our staff, you may also tell us about your child through the following channels:

Learning Journal

Each child will have their Learning Journal to record their development in the pre-school, sometimes with their photos and art works. Please feel free to look at your child's journal or share with us how they are doing at home.

WOW voucher

A child will receive a WOW voucher if they achieve something special, e.g. trying pasta for the first time. We will share their achievement during circle time when a child is given a WOW voucher. Please feel free to take some vouchers home and record their archievement!

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