A Day at Brinkworth Butterflies

Time What we do
On Arrival / Registration We greet everyone and talk about what we are going to do. Sometimes we share what we did the day before!
Activities There are a lot of indoor and outdoor resources waiting for us to explore, such as construction, role play, small world, P.E. box, ride on toys, sand & water play, climbing frame, etc. We also have outings quite often. Have a look at our News & Events page.
Snack Time and Lunch There is a snack break before lunch. Sometimes a snack bar is open throughout the afternoon depending on our needs. We help to set table and prepare snack together. Sometimes we share special cultural food and exotic fruit. More information can be found in the Healthy Eating page.
Circle Time We like to sit down for a while after eating. We usually sit in a cosy corner, do some reading or numbers together. We enjoy activities such as Feely Box, Silly Soup, matching sounds and rhythms, etc.
By the end of the Day We usually play big group games together. We love 'Duck Duck Goose' and 'Hide and Seek'!!

Our team endeavours to work for the children's best interest. We listen to their likes and dislikes, and plan activities according to their needs. We also arrange a lot of visits and outings throughout the year. Don't forget to see our News & Events page and follow our Facebook!

Settling In & Keyperson

Each child has their own keyperson who helps them to settle in and become familiar with our staff, children and environment. We treat every child as an individual. Take on board what your child & you need and prefer, we provide a tailor made settling-in plan for each child in order to allow every individual the time that they require to grow accustomed to the pre-school.


Please also see Parental Involvement to see how you can help to make the best for your child.